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AHA National Homebrew Competition online registration open NOW.

March 2, 2012 in Competitions

Greetings, all.  Heads up – the online registration is now open for the AHA’s National Homebrew Competition.  We’ll be accepting entries at the shop during the March meeting on the 15th for transport to the San Diego judging site, but the number of entries accepted for each site is limited, so register soon.

You can save $5 on your entry fee if you become an AHA member.  Here’s a link:

Go for it!

— Victor

4 responses to AHA National Homebrew Competition online registration open NOW.

  1. Kip said on March 9, 2012

    For the NHA drop off’s, is this a pack the bottles up for shipping or an open 6/12 pack holder sort of deal. Also is the only drop off day on the 15th or can we drop them off beforehand? Cheers!

  2. Kip:
    The entries will he hand-delivered, but ONLY if they are going to the San Diego judging site. If this is the case, you can leave them in a six-pack holder. If you registered anywhere else, you are on your own to ship them, which means bubble wrap, packing tape and UPS.

    Carl Townsend

  3. Representing Pacific Gravity @ NHC!

    Pipe Dream Pale came in first for American Ale in Pittsburgh and TaHoBa came in third for Spice Herb Vegetable in Atlanta.

    On to the Nationals!


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