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Summer Party Beer Sign-up

July 21, 2014 in Summer Party

Neil+kegs2Hey, we are just six days away from the Summer Party and there are about 20 of you out there who still haven’t told me what beer(s) you are bringing!  I’ll make up the traditional festive toe tags, but only if I know in advance what you have.  Email me ASAP at competitions@pacificgravity.com.   Remember, the early beers get the best tap slots, and the best beer wins a prize!

Our special drink competition this year features lemon, any drink alcohol, non-alcoholic, beer, or soda that features lemon is eligible for our drink competition. Of course, all sodas and beers are welcome and we encourage you to drop off your keg at CCHBS by 5pm on Friday so they can be taken to the party.

Also, we still need CO2 and jockey boxes too.  We’ll have more kegs than will fit on our 22-tap setup, so please bring it so we can keep all these delicious beverages nice and cold and carbonated!   Of course, be sure to have your name on any equipment that you bring to the party sot it can be returned to its rightful owner.

Summer Party: New Pacific Gravity gear! Glasses!

July 19, 2014 in Summer Party

We are now officially one week away from our Summer Party.  We had our planning meeting at Dean’s house this past Thursday and I am really excited about the food lineup that Ian is putting together and some of the raffle prizes that we are going to be giving away throughout the party.

In addition to the raffle prizes, we ordered some new Pacific Gravity gear that will be for sale during the party.  Last night when I got home I found the boxes for our new PG glassware sitting at my front door!  Here is a picture of the glasses:

2014 Pacific Gravity Glasses!

2014 Pacific Gravity Glasses!

These glasses will be for sale at the front gate when you arrive.  They are the same 10oz glasses that I showed at the June club meeting at Neil’s house and they look awesome!  We have a few more PG items that will be for sale at the party as well which I will post about this week.


Just a quick reminder that this party is best when we have a lot of volunteers to help us put everything together.  Please read through this post from earlier this week outlining the help that we will need from all of you to help make this party awesome.  For those of you who have already volunteered, thank you!

The event page is located HERE.  Like last year, entry to the party is free for paid club members and there is a $10 entry fee for all guests.  This $10 fee goes towards helping the club host events in the future for all of you.

Cheers everyone – see you soon!

Summer Party Information!!!

July 16, 2014 in Summer Party

The Pacific Gravity summer party is coming up fast!  It will happen on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at Dean Sussman’s party pad located at:

1310 Amalfi Dr.
Pacific Palisades CA 90272.

The party starts at 2 PM and continues on into the evening.  Entry is free for paid members, $10 for guests.

We still need volunteers to help make this party a huge success! How can you help? Here’s a list of ways:


We need your help setting up tables, beers, tiki torches, and decorations on Friday night at 6pm. Then, we need your help taking it all back down Sunday morning. As always, those generous enough to help set up and clean up will enjoy delicious beers and those who clean up on Sunday morning will enjoy more delicious leftovers than theycan shake a stick at and plenty of “hair of the dog” to help get them going! To sign up for clean up or set up please e-mail president@pacificgravity.com


Ian is our masterchef and he needs your help preparing food for everyone. To volunteer, please e-mail chef@pacificgravity.com  As always, this event is a potluck and we’d like to encourage you to bring dishes that fit with the theme including appetizers, desserts, and side dishes.  Last year many of you brought dishes that made the party a huge success!  We hope you can repeat that effort again this year!   So far we are very light on food sign up from the members.  To sign up to bring food, email chef@pacificgravity.com


The food this year is going to be a delicious Acadian style BBQ (think Cajun, Creole and southern!)  We welcome any and all main, side-dish, dessert or appetizer that you can think of!  Your participation in the pot-luck is what makes our party so spectacular!  The club will be providing a series of dishes that fit the theme BUT WE REALLY NEED YOU HELP TO PUT US OVER THE TOP!


After all, isn’t that what our club is all about!?  Our drink competition this year features lemon, any drink alcohol, non-alcoholic, beer, or soda that features lemon is eligible for our drink competition. Of course, all beers are welcome and we encourage you to drop off your keg at CCHBS by 5pm on Friday so they can be taken to the party. Please let Carl know that you’ll be providing a beverage so that he can create a label for your drink. Email Carl at competitions@pacificgravity.com

If you made a jockey box at our jockey box event or have a jockey box, please bring it so we can keep all these delicious beverages nice and cold!!  We need CO2 to dispense the beer!  If you have a CO2 tank that you can bring please email carl

Of course, be sure to have your name on any equipment that you bring to the party.


Wanna spend some quality time with the new and improved CDS (club draft system)? Volunteer for a one hour shift pouring beers for your fellow revelers by e-mailing Ramesh at treasurer@pacificgravity.com


Sign up for a one hour shift working at the front gate checking in members, collecting entrance fees, and selling raffle tickets. Email Ramesh at treasurer@pacificgravity.com


We need tables and canopies. Please bring your tables and canopies on Fiday’s set-up day!  Ian also requests that if you have a Weber BBQ and can bring it to the Friday set-up, please do so!  The more cook tops he has, the quicker we can all eat!  The food will follow last year’s serving plan, which seemed to be very well received,  and be continuous throughout the day instead of a dinner at 6 pm SO PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY!  If you want to sit down at the party make sure you bring a fold up beach/camping chair with you.

We look forward to seeing you at party and thanks in advance for your generous volunteering!!

Party on, Pacific Gravity!


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County Fair Entry Deadline is Thursday, July 17th

July 12, 2014 in Competitions

2014_LACF_DATES_BWThe Los Angeles County Fair Homebrew Competition is upon us. Entries are due by July Thursday, July 17th.   Registration is available on-line and bottles can be dropped off at the Culver City Homebrew Supply shop.   Complete info is available at http://www.maltosefalcons.com/comps/2014LACF. And, in addition to entering, please sign up to volunteer for judging or stewarding. Judging will be August 2nd at St Martin in the Field Church, 7136 Winnetka Ave, Winnetka CA 9130.

2nd Saturday! LA METRO BEER ADVENTURE!! | 7/12/14

July 8, 2014 in Special Events

Trains. Craft beer. Duck fat fries.

Who’s in?!?

Check out the link below for details


Pacific Gravity Cask @ City Tavern 7/16/14 @ 6:30pm

July 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Everyone- RCP_LAAW Cask-018

The date has been set!  On July 16th the first cask collaboration with LA Ale Works is going to take place at City Tavern in Culver City.  So please join us at City Tavern – Culver City for the tapping our cask collaboration with Los Angeles Ale Works! This one of a kind cask includes Lemongrass, Kefir Lime Leaves, Ginger, Coconut Sugar and Kumquats! CRAZY!

Tapping to commence at 6:30pm!

Facebook Event Page - LINK!


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Competition Corner – June 2014

June 23, 2014 in Competitions, Uncategorized

So, you have witnessed the Kings win the Stanley Cup, Logo-rev0 World Cup soccer is now occupying your attention, and we have reached the summer solstice. What next? BREW NOW!!  The 2014 Pacific Brewers Cup is almost here! But what about the hot weather? Not to worry, there are plenty of styles that do well in to heat. Hefeweizens, Belgian specialties and even some American ales can do well in the warm weather. And there are plenty of tricks to keep your beer cool. For more details, check out the hot weather brewing article in the Picobrewery archives.

But, while you are contemplating your next brew, take a moment to check out the Pacific Brewers Cup website! Tad Johnston and Kip Barnes have done an outstanding job getting it up and running. We’ve got all the information, rules and sponsorship info posted and will be putting up more content as the deadlines arise. You can sign up for judging or stewarding now and soon will be able to register your beers too. What, you don’t know what you are entering? Well for heaven’s sake, BREW NOW!!  You have just enough time with some of those quicker beers. The entry deadline is August 22nd, with judging on September 6th at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church. We are looking for everyone to put their best foot forward and get those fermenters going.

Along the way, we have a few other competitions to mention.  Congrats go to Michael Patterson, Read the rest of this entry →


June 17, 2014 in Club Meetings, Events

Hello PG Members!

Just a freindly reminder that June’s PG Club Meeting is this Thursday night @ Neil Saunds House! So get your homebrew ready to share and come on over! Original link below with meeting details!



VP | Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club

Cask Competition – Winner Announced!

June 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone-RCP_LAAW Cask-018

Not to get lost in the shuffle of what has been a busy week so far, we wanted to announce the winner of our first collaborative cask competition with LA Ale Works.  We received a lot of really awesome submissions, which I passed along to the LA Ale Works team of Kip & John.  I removed the names from each submission to keep the results anonymous.  John and Kip told me that there were a lot of really awesome ideas on the submission list but eventually they were able to come to a consensus on the winning entry, which is:

Toby Sandland

Toby’s winning submission had the following ingredients which will be added to LA Ale Works Saison:

  • Priming Sugar: Coconut Sugar (Thai)
  • Special Ingredient #1: Lemon Grass
  • Special Ingredient #2: Kaffir Lime Leaf
  • Special Ingredient #3: Ginger
  • Targeted Pouring Location: City Tavern in Culver City

Congratulations Toby!  That sounds like it will be an awesome addition of ingredients to a Saison.

Toby, Kip should be reaching out to you shortly to coordinate when you guys can get together to make the cask.  I hope everyone enjoyed getting to be a part of the submission process and thank you to everyone who submitted entries.  Many of you submitted more than one entry which I think is an awesome way to enter into this competition – the more entries the merrier.

Once the LA Ale Works guys can organize up an event to pour the cask at I will be sure to post it on here so that we can get as many members together to try Toby & LA Aleworks Cask.


Brian Holter


June 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sorry for the last minute switch up PG members! We have to change the venue for this weeks FIRST FRIDAY!!! PLEASE HELP PASS THE WORD!!!!!

Tomm & Denise regrettably have to bow out of hosting this week due events beyond their control…the flu!!!

So…we will be meeting @ THE DOUGHROOM in Mar Vista!

Delectable Pizzas! Cool vibe! and OMG…check out their tap list!!!  (link here)  Aside from these the owner said he’s gonna throw something special on for Pacific Gravity members! You have got to check this place out.

They are reserving the communal table exclusively for PG members and will have open seating at the bar…


3409 Overland Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

AGAIN>>>HELP PASS THE WORD!!!  We’ll raise a glass to a fast recovery Denise!


VP|Pacific Gravity